Making the Obama & Biden bromance official

Few positives can be taken from this election, --if you really try hard you can surely think of a few?-- just think how much easier and excusable it is now to distance yourself from half of your (racist) family. Without a doubt however, 16plotting against Trump17

Need a refresher?

So yesterday Obama made it official, he awarded VP Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, pretty much the most prestigious award a civilian can be awarded. This bromance will grace the pages of history books for centuries to come no doubt.

Obama's out in less than a week, which means Trump is soon to take over, let's all take in a good laugh before the gloom truly sets in--

Take a look back at the most bromantic moment the White House has ever and will ever produce--


If your bro don't look at you like this, you're doing it all wrong..

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