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Known to many today as a giant tastemaker website that sees over 1.2 million hits per month, Brain Pickings began organically as a weekly newsletter to seven people. Described by founder Maria Popova as a “one-woman labor of love,” Brain Pickings carefully curates “interestingness” and delivers them to readers in bite-sized digests, handwritten by Maria Popova herself.

And what counts as interesting? Brain Pickings covers everything from art to culture to history to science. Anything that injects a sense of wonder into your day-to-day life while calling attention to relevant social issues.

What makes Brain Pickings so cool and refreshing is its unique attention to #intersections: described by Popova as “a cross-disciplinary LEGO treasure chest,” a lot of Brain Pickings’ ethos reflect the philosophy that people contain multitudes. A person can be many things at once.

For instance, many might know Bruce Lee as a martial artist and cultural icon, but are probably unaware of Bruce Lee as the philosopher whose most famous saying -- 161Empty your mind -- is but one of many other thoughts and essays that he accumulated through his life.

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A philosophy major in college, Bruce Lee went on to superstardom on the big screen, but not before encountering many obstacles due to discrimination. Many of his writings are a testament to the lessons he learned on his journey. This week, Brain Pickings highlighted a podcast of Bruce Lee’s philosophy of learning, read by his daughter Shannon Lee.

Today on Brain Pickings, Bruce Lee’s daughter shares her father's philosophy of learning:

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Definitely add Brain Pickings (available across all social platforms) to your must-follow list to expand your universe and get a daily dose of wisdom!

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