Sad Melania is not happy

Ah, rookie mistake, Melania. Forgetting that the cameras still rolled even when your orange husband has turned around? didn't forget, and it was a cry for help?

The zoom-in. He says one word to her, his cheeks pulling inward. What does he say?

Whatever it is, our FLOTUS rocks one hell of a scowl.

A GIF speaks a thousand words. (Note the hand squeeze Michelle gave to the guard that escorted her, too!)

Inauguration is serious business, especially when it was THE inauguration that saw the largest turnout* in the history of all inaugurations.

*alternative facts

It can't be all diamonds and jazz being married to the world's biggest bully.

Donald and Melania during happier days, when he was less orange and she got some skin-to-skin contact instead of just nods.

(Photo: AOL)

Finally, this. Melania, walking alone, channeled peak tragic sadness, matching the levels of the fateful Princess Diana back in her heyday. 

Caption the difference in these video! ? #AManAndHisWife #lunionsuite #inauguration

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Melania also exhibited epic sadness at the luncheon, which came after the-scowl-seen-around-the-world. It's now commemorated on a serving platter -- a la the Franklin Mint -- with the official name given to the day by her husband as is traditional for presidents to name their inauguration day. 

149National Patriotic Day Of Devotion.150Honey

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