Steve Harvey, Donald Trump and the backlash breakdown

Steve Harvey, Donald Trump and the backlash breakdown

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For months on end during the election process I’d pack my kids in the car to take them to school and turn to The Steve Harvey Morning Show. In almost every instance politics and the upcoming election was a topic, and Steve Harvey was staunchly anti-Trump.

He spent numerous hours (and possibly days if the full time was totaled) sharing with his audience how dangerous a Trump presidency would be. I tend to form my own opinion in politics, but in most cases I agreed on some spectrum with Steve Harvey- a President Trump was not here to help minorities. If I’m shooting straight, I don’t think he’s here to help anyone except big business.

So imagine my surprise when I hear that Mr. Harvey was meeting with President-Elect Trump to discuss how to help inner cities. Knowing the rhetoric Steve had toward Trump, it made me wonder. However, when he said that he was asked to sit with him by President Obama I quickly thought- okay, I can understand that. If Barack or Michelle asked me to do ANYTHING, guaranteed I’d be down for the cause.

After their meeting, Steve Harvey met with reporters and all but gushed over the Twitterer-in-Chief. 

Isn’t that cute, they talked a lot about golf. Hold up. Wait a minute. Did Steve just say Trump and sincere in the same sentence?

Therein lies the problem, the cause for concern and the instant backlash.

How does a person go from absolute opposed to absolute ally in the span of one meeting behind closed doors? How do you go from telling your audience that this man does not have their interest at heart to staunch support, with no concern?

This is the same Donald J. Trump who can barely grasp that all black folks don’t live in the inner city. The same guy who called us “The Blacks” every opportunity he had and didn’t understand why that’s a big deal. The exact person who asked “The Blacks” what the hell we have to lose…while wanting to bring back Stop and Frisk (a form of legal racial profiling) and repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.

So yes, there’s lots of skepticism.

We’re supposed to believe he’s sincere because Steve Harvey said so?! GTFOHWTBSRN.  *gold star if you can decode that one*

Of course, there are some that see nothing wrong with Steve meeting with the President-Elect. To that I say… I don’t think the meeting itself is the problem. It’s not about the MEETING at all. It’s about the swift switch up.

There are police chiefs and leaders that he should have a seat at that table to get their ideas, to discuss action plans. Yes, bring in some role models for youth who have built successful youth programs. But to bring in Steve Harvey alone? It just doesn’t make sense?

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