Teen Vogue becomes "a magazine of wokeness"

Teen Vogue becomes "a magazine of wokeness"

If you’re not a connoisseur of teen magazines, you might not know that Teen Vogue has recently stepped up its content by providing articles on controversial, up to date political issues. It's seriously time to take 'Educate a girl & you educate a nation' to heart.

There are still celebrity interviews and tips on how to pull off the latest trends, but they’re supplemented by quizzes about finding your political party, resources for teens looking to learn more about government, and intersectional commentary on current events, like this last piece on Donald Trumps' gaslighing of America.

Publisher Conde Nast touts Teen Vogue as the destination for the next generation of influencers.69We educate Which means political lives as well.

The EIC Elaine Welteroth is 29 years old, the youngest editor in chief of a Conde Naste publication.

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