What's up with Mike Pence and 'Hamilton'?

It sounds like a fairy tale, but we assure you it's not.

The facts are these: Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to see Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway. 

Fellow theatergoers (not members of the Hamilton cast) exercised their constitutional rights and booed the VP-elect. 

After the show, the cast of Hamilton delivered the following speech, during which other theatergoers also booed the VP-elect:

At no point did any Hamilton cast member namecall or incite violence. Instead, real talk about how minorities are frightened about what's to come with this new administration. Fervent hopes that our VP-elect will represent ALL people, not just those who are male, cisgender, white, and Christian. No rhetoric of hate; only of hope.

Is it any surprise that #NameAPenceMusical started trending on Twitter?

(Besides, we all know this is just a distraction from actual Presidential problems, like Trump's fraud lawsuit settlement, right? Still funny, though.)

A Boycott Hamilton movement rose up in response to the incident, with people asking to buy those already-bought/now-boycotted hard-to-get tickets.

166an incredible production

Fellow people, what's the difference between a thin-skinned reality TV star and a career-long politician who is used to a certain level of public scrutiny? THAT. 

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