Beyoncé's Vogue Cover Creates History

Beyoncé's Vogue Cover Creates History

Mitch Feierstein 5 months ago

Beyoncé's fourth cover of American Vogue has created history not because she is black and claims some record but because the photographer, Tyler Mitchell, is black.

According to a CNN feature, Beyoncé is not the first black woman on the cover, not the first black woman to front a September issue, and not the one to bag the most Vogue covers as a black woman. Instead, for the first time in history, the cover of American Vogue was shot by a black photographer.

In 126 years of Vogue, the magazine has had various permutations. It started as a weekly, transitioned to a bi-weekly and then finally in 1973 went monthly. Representatives from Condé Nast point to a 1932 cover by Edward Steichen of a woman in a bathing suit as the start of cover photography from the publication, but 1959 brought the first year of all photographic covers, beginning to usher in an era of Vogue as we know it today.

These landmark dates bring context to numbers like 126 years and 1,512 issues of Vogue that are bandied about social media — in fact there have been over 2,800 covers. But even with those clarifications, the lack of black photographers still is a glaring omission.

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