Flights Of The Future: A Designer's Bold Visions

Flights Of The Future: A Designer's Bold Visions

Mitch Feierstein 6 months ago

A designer who has no degree in aerospace engineering is flying high as his daring visions of the future have captured the imaginations of flying enthusiasts the world over.

From blended wing airliners powered by nuclear fusion to a new generation of spacecraft designed to carry tourists to the moon, it's hard not to be mesmerized by the designer, Oscar Viñals' boldly ambitious aircraft designs, says CNN.

The Barcelona-based designer's futuristic concepts resemble something from a science fiction film. But the designer isn't affiliated with NASA or any other aerospace research organization.

63Technology often comes in radical waves of disruption

None of Viñals' concepts are likely to become a reality anytime soon.

For them to come to fruition, the technologies that would make them possible would need to move beyond the purely conceptual stage.

Yet he remains adamant about the feasibility of his designs – from a theoretical point of view at least.

92I don93s spent most of his professional career as a freelance graphic designer for competitive motor racing teams."

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