Oscars 2018:Hypocrisy, Virtue Signaling, and Identity Politics


Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue during this year’s Oscar awards was simply a lecture sprinkled with doses of social causes. Over the past decade or so, the Oscars have become a political platform to flaunt the radical left’s ideological world view. Hypocritical Hollywood elites present outdated or false narratives as fact in order to push forward political agendas reflecting their world view.

Kimmel flaunts the radical left’s ideological world view
Kimmel flaunts the radical left’s ideological world view

This year, in the wake of the #MeToo, #Timesup, and #MarchForOurLives movements, the Oscars served as a fertile breeding ground to display this virtue signaling. Rather than entertaining us while upholding the popularity, merits, and technical brilliance of movies, they lectured us. Entertainment value, quality, technical excellence, and the American consumer all took a backseat.

Journalist Daniel Greenfield says, “History was made. And it keeps being made at these increasingly forgettable ceremonies full of forgettable movies whose names no one can remember a year later.” Referring to the Best Picture, he says, “Is anyone going to be watching ‘The Shape of Water’ a year later, two or three?”

The movies recognized and rewarded at the Oscars do not reflect America, its culture, or its people. Greenfield says, “Dunkirk, arguably the greatest movie on the board, was shut out. The little golden statues went to forgettable leftist tripe. Gary Oldman's speech appeared to come from another era—one where the Oscars reflected something other than a cringing need to celebrate politically correct mediocrity or be ground under by social media mobs.”

Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant celebrate
Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant celebrate

Until a decade and a half ago, Hollywood made movies for the people, and the Oscars awarded recognition to them. Now the trend has changed. Most movies nominated for an Oscar today do not feature among the top grossers. That means the Oscars don’t reward the movies America wants to watch. Instead, movies that push the radical left-wing’s ideological tenets, such as inequality, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, and racism, get moved into the top nomination slots.

“Like everything else that social justice warriors have touched, so too has the film industry become contaminated with the stain of their unhinged ideology. The films that Hollywood produced once reflected American culture and values, now it lectures Americans on what Hollywood believes our culture and values need to be,” says another writer, Ed McCray.

The entertainment value or merits of movie projects no longer matter or even get discussed in the media. The “narrative” focuses specifically on the gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation of the people nominated.

A senior journalist in India stated, “The Oscars are about more than just quality. Increasingly, they are about how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants the world to see Hollywood that year. All other things being equal, the Oscars go to films and themes that are ‘important’ at a certain point in US politics and culture.”

The Oscars are now simply a series of lectures from out-of-touch multi-millionaires based upon their branded identity politics and virtue signaling. The patronizing and hypocrisy is shocking.

While claiming to support the “Me Too” movement, directors and stars accused and convicted of rape and other sexual crimes are still being awarded Oscars. This year, to mark the first post-Weinstein Academy Awards, Hollywood gave a credibly accused rapist, Kobe Bryant, an Oscar. Bryant was roundly applauded upon winning Best Animated Short for “Dear Basketball.”

And what about this year’s host? “Jimmy Kimmel, whose only consistent trait is a consummate ability to remake his image into whatever he thinks will appeal to an audience, has made the journey from the Man Show to #MeToo. And who better to preside over the tributes of a hypocritical industry to the victims of sexual harassment than a compulsive hypocrite?” says Greenfield.

And this hypocrisy is not confined to the “Me Too” movement. In another example of Hollywood’s hypocrisy, Hollywood celebrities who use guns in their movies, embrace billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s multi-million-dollar campaign to criticize the second amendment and private citizens’ right to own guns for self-defense.

Is it any wonder box office receipts are collapsing? Will we ever return to those days when entertainment value, technical excellence, and popularity were the major criteria for movies being nominated and awarded instead of based on topics chosen during awards season?

It’s time our grossly overpaid and spoiled entertainers stop imposing their identity politics and virtue signaling that insults and repulses over 50 percent of America. Entertainers should just stick to entertaining America.