'Storia USA' In Top 6 Finalists for 2018 Shorty Awards


'Storia USA' In Top 6 Finalists for 2018 Shorty Awards

We did it! Storia has won its place in the Top 6 Finalists for the 2018 Shorty Awards. The viral video, 21 Brilliant Packings Tips, starring the amazing Rachel Grant, is a finalist for the highly-acclaimed Shorty Awards in the category of Instructional Video.

21 Brilliant Packing Tips went viral in Fall 2017 and gained over 20 million views and 310,000 shares. In light of the video's great success, Rachel Grant was invited to The Rachel Ray Show in December 2017 to demonstrate her top five clever packing techniques!

Storia has an ongoing series of DIY projects, in addition to a series of fabulous travel videos: Fun in the Philippines. The fun travel vlog also stars the "Packing Queen," Rachel Grant.

Storia would like to thank of its readers, writers and viewers, who helped 21 Brilliant Packing Tips gain the viral attention it deserved.

If you haven't seen the life-changing instructional video, check it out below. And be sure to stay tuned as Storia makes history in the world of digital media! The finals will be announced on Sunday, April 15th at Manhattan's Playstation Theater in New York City.