Tears Overflow As Thai Boys Shown Recovering


Tears Overflow As Thai Boys Shown Recovering

The first footage has emerged from the hospital where 12 Thai boys and their coach are being treated after their dramatic rescue from a flooded cave.

Several boys can be seen in facemasks and hospital gowns, report the BBC and CNN.

Meanwhile, reports say the boys and the coach were sedated to stop them panicking during the dangerous rescue.

After almost three weeks trapped in the dark, away from their loved ones in a cave in northern Thailand, the boys, aged between 11 and 16, were allowed to see their relatives in a carefully controlled environment, as doctors are still concerned about their health.

In video shown at a press briefing, some of the parents were in tears as they looked through the glass. The family members were not allowed to enter the room where they are being treated, in order to avoid infection, Dr Chaiyawej Thanapaisarn said.

The doctor said three of the boys were being treated for minor cases of pneumonia, but predicted most would be discharged after about a week.

"The recovery process should take around 30 days after they are discharged," he added.

Tanawat Viboonrungruang, the father of 11-year-old Titun, told CNN he felt relieved to see his son was "still healthy."

Seeing his son through the glass, he said he only wanted to hug him.

"I started to cry, everybody started to cry," he said. "I want to say thanks to those who rescued my boy. And helped him to have a new life, it's like a rebirth."

Image credit: AFP