Cindy Gallop wants to revolutionize the future of sex

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Cindy Gallop doesn't want you to come on her face.

The 57-year-old CEO never thought she would have to explain this to her sexual partner until she started dating younger men. Then she realized a problem.

“Today’s freedom of access to hardcore pornography coupled with our society’s reluctance to talk about sex has turned porn into sex education in not a good way,” said Gallop, who started the business Make Love Not Porn in 2009 to combat this issue. “I think that if we could emphasize real sex in all its funniness, messiness and humanness, we could bring a healthy mindset to sex.”

In 2013 Gallop launched her pornography alternative, MLNPTV is a crowdsourced video sharing platform where couples can submit videos of themselves having real world sex. The videos and participants are thoroughly vetted by the MLNPTV staff before going online. Members of MLNPTV can pay to rent videos to watch, and a portion of the proceeds will go the the couple who submitted the video, who Gallop refers to as her “Make Love Not Pornstars.”

In MLNPTV, Gallop says she is not just building a platform where people can share “honest” sexual videos, but also a social network of sexual expression.

“Our competition is Facebook and Youtube,” Gallop tells Storia. “We want people to share their amazing sex the same way they would their engagement or their vacation.”

MLNPTV currently has 1,500 videos, 400,000 members worldwide and half a million dollars in revenue. Gallop would like to grow those numbers but says she has been met with tremendous pushback from business and tech organizations that don’t want to be associated with the distribution of adult content.

“MailChimp won’t even work with us for emails,” Gallop says. “In that context, the biggest thing we have to celebrate is that we are still here.”

105sextech106Gallop declared her intention to raise $200 million to fund the entire sextech industry.

“When you have a truly world changing startup you have to change the world to fit around it,” Gallop says. “I want to fund the eco-system of sextech and blow this out into the next trillion dollar category in tech.”

If Gallop succeeds, she believes the taboo will effectively be removed from sex.

“When Make Love Not Porn has made it easier for the world to talk openly and honestly about sex, parents will raise to have strong sexual values,” Gallop says. “We will be able to end sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexual abuse, and we will massively empower both women and men.”

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