Gross! Your PS4 is a roach motel

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Roaches love Sony, apparently. ?

19at least half of the PS4s they receive are loaded with roaches.20

What's the reason for this disgusting situation? 

All consoles get roaches but the PS4 has the most to offer as a roach motel, says reporter Cecilia D'Anastasio at Kotaku.

The amenities that roaches love include:

  • The ventilation grates are larger
  • The console gets hotter than others
  • It's often kept low to the floor

All these things combine to make the PS4 the ideal cockroach residence. Rent free, suckers! Then one day the internal power supply will fry them onto your components and you'll be on your way to meeting a console repairman who's seen your kind of trouble before.

We can imagine that you're wondering what to do about it right now.

The solution is not foolproof. You may still attract some roaches if you do this:

  • Store your PS4 up high where roaches can't climb 
  • Make sure there's free air flow to keep the console cool
  • And, do we even need to tell you? Keep your room clean!

Be aware that the procedure of ridding your PS4 of roaches will not be without its hazards...

Read more of this hair-raising news at Kotaku:

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