Milos Raonic's gone over to the mouthguard just like Steph Curry

The top men's professional #tennis player from #Canada, Milos Raonic, prefers to keep his mouthguard where it belongs -- in his mouth -- all day long, unlike the more widely-known mouthguard user, #NBA superstar #StephCurry of the #GoldenStateWarriors.

Milos rarely pops his very far out of his mouth unless he's actually sitting down for a meal.

And then, he's been known to dig through a few garbage cans to retrieve it -- just like those of us who've had retainers when we were kids. I don't recall digging too hard for that plastic torture device...

Elite athletes across many sports disciplines use this cool accessory for a number of reasons while playing. Steph is just one who does odd things with it while he's not running up and down the #basketball #court.

First though, we have to admire that #GoldenState really has a #stylin #snazzy logo.

So when he's just hanging around the court waiting for the action to roll, he pops it out to the side.

When he's listening to the #NationalAnthem, or bowing his head for a moment of silence, he does this.

And when he's shooting free throws he does this.  And apparently on the sidelines, he's been known to tuck it into his armpit. Ick.

But for Milos, his purpose for wearing his mouthguard isn't for dental protection, or to protect him from head trauma.  Most athletes in group sports wear a mouthguard when there's a chance they might suffer a concussion or take a powerful hit from another body. We've seen them regularly used in #football, basketball, professional #bullriding, and #hockey. However, #Raonic has been known to have a bad back, and has formerly worn #orthotics in his shoes to help with the problem.  Now that he's switched to a mouthguard to help align his back, he's ditched the orthotics.  So that perhaps is another reason to wear the implement all day long. If it helps keep his back happy, maybe it's worth the strangeness.  Or, it could be that since he's such a basketball aficionado, he's copying his dudes in long baggy shorts and has picked up on the #style thing.

Check out the dental facts on sports mouthguards, and hear dentists say they do and don't help prevent:

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