Spotify Codes: What are they and what do you need to know?

Spotify has announced a new way to share music more easily, and it’s pretty badass. Meet Spotify Codes.

Spotify Codes is a bit like barcodes or QR codes, to put it bluntly. That means there is a specific code for each song, track or album which can then be easily shared visually. The idea being that you can share a song with friends via a message using your phone with just a few taps. But there’s more, it can be scanned too.

To get a code for a song, for example, tap on the “...” icon and select Spotify Code. You can then use the image of the code to share or have someone scan it directly.

The Spotify app now features camera smarts built in meaning it will be able to detect a code on another person’s phone easily by simply pointing it at the screen. Yup, a lot like scanning a QR code.

However, if you send a Spotify Code image, via WhatsApp say, the other person can open the image in the Spotify app and it will automatically recognise the code and open the song.

It all sounds super simple, is free to use and is beginning to roll out now. You could always share the old fashioned way by typing out song names and artists, or share the Spotify link from the app. So why bother with this?

One of the big ideas behind Spotify Codes is that it’ll help promote music. Imagine a band printing off fliers for a gig and including the Spotify Code. Then anyone passing by could do a quick scan and be testing out the music right away.

This could be a really cool way to share music for promoters, bands and venues in the future. And that’s just what’s planned, who knows what else might appear that we haven’t even thought of yet.


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