The coffee table to complete your man cave

The coffee table to complete your man cave

MrGadget ? 2 years ago

Make no mistake about it, the Sobro coffee table will completely change the coffee table game, so much so in fact that it may be time to rename the piece of furniture altogether. Think cell phone to smartphone type game-changer.  

The crowdfunded project comes complete with a built-in speaker, charging ports and plugs, a sleek tempered glass top with bluetooth controls, and of course, a built in mini-fridge.

This means cold beers and charged up cell phones so you can enjoy your Sunday football and keep an eye on your fantasy team without worrying about a dead battery on your phone. 

You can back the product right now for as low as $499, which considering the stylish design and functionality is a pretty good deal. However, as with any crowdfunding product it is always best to proceed with a bit of caution before you go sending them your hard earn cash. 

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