The Most Anticipated Tech Gadgets of 2017

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With the start of a new year, analysts and consumers alike are excited to see what exciting new technologies are around the corner when it comes to tech gadgets. With significant upgrades expected in virtual reality, smartphones and gaming, 2017 looks like an exciting year for tech enthusiasts. Here’s what we can look forward to seeing.

Virtual Reality Gets Real

Without question, 2016 has been the year of virtual reality going mainstream, but 2017 is the year things are expected to really pick up. Many analysts have treated the launch of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and Google Daydream as just the beginning. Specifically, we can welcome a significant increase in smartphone VR devices, as well as exciting news about Microsoft getting into the game. With devices beginning at $300 with Windows 10 virtual reality support, we could see the first true democratization of this incredible immersive technology.

Foldable Phones

Samsung is reportedly developing phones that can be folded and bent repeatedly. This kind of technology could result in phones that can be worn as snap bracelets and securely folded in half to fit snuggly in small pockets. The technology looks amazing and could revolutionize the way we use smart devices. As noted by DigitalTrends earlier, these phones could debut next year.

After some pretty big problems with the Galaxy Note 7 (remember those exploding batteries?), investors and consumers are itching to see if the Galaxy Note 8 will have these bendable features or some other redeeming feature. It’s also reported that the next Samsung flagship phones will be outfitted with batteries supplied by LG, so the launch will be a bit less, er, ah, explosive.

iPhone 7S or 8

Android smartphones aren’t the only mobile devices to get excited about. Apple has some noteworthy developments on deck for 2017 as well. If the rumored iPhone 7S is released, we can expect a newly upgraded five-inch phone with a vertical dual-camera design. And if the iPhone 8 comes out any time soon, expect even bigger upgrades. Rumor has it the iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging, allowing users finally to ditch the cords and power up using electrically powered tabletops. Even more exciting could be the development of long-distance charging using field magnetic resonance. This would mean a phone could actually be charged several feet away from a charger and totally wirelessly.

Google Smartwatch

The Apple Watch has many excited about the possibilities of smartwatch technology, but we have yet to see what Google’s fully realized version of this technology looks like. While there are various brands offering watches for Android devices, Google could end up selling its first smartwatch in 2017. If this launch is anything like the well-received Pixel phone, it could mean setting a new standard for market expectations in this product category.

Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo looking to stay relevant in the smartphone gaming world with the release of Super Mario Run for iOS, it doesn’t appear the brand has given up on creating its own hardware. The Nintendo Switch could be groundbreaking, serving both as a mobile gaming device, and full stationary console. As gamers say with the Wii, the company appears to be continuing a tradition of creating new design configurations rather than solely focusing on upgrading processing power.

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