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The camera on Google’s new Pixel is incredible and, hey, maybe that’s what pushed you to get the newest phone in the first place. As with any new device, it’s only as good as its user, so figuring out how to optimize your phone’s features to get the best photo is important. Don’t let a learning curve stop you from an Instagram feed that makes your friends drool.

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Never Miss the Photo
Don’t you hate when you see a picture-perfect moment but you’re not quick enough to capture it because you had to unlock your phone — crap, wrong password — and jump into the camera? Google solved that with its gesture features. Simply press the power button twice and your camera pops up! And if you want to flip between a selfie and a regular photo, simply turn your wrist sideways to switch between the two views.

Back it Up
Fortunately for Pixel users, your phone comes handy with unlimited Cloud storage for photos and videos. The best part? It’s free! In other words, you’ll never have to worry about losing them or the sacred storage on your phone. Go ahead and set up automatic backup through your settings and let the phone do it for you on its own.

Find Your Perfect Modes
Straight from the camera screen, you can control the focus and exposure with just a few taps. Say you’re taking a photo of a friend outside in bright light. Click on his or her face to focus in on the main part of the photo (your friend!), then drag the screen up and down to find the perfect exposure. You can even tap into the white balance to control the overall tone of the photo. Say hello to features most can only get on a pricey editing app!

Get the Most of Your Vibrant Colors
The new pixel is known for its realistic and colorful photos, but sometimes that can look a little too saturated or worse, over-edited. You can prevent that by going into your settings and toggling the Picture color mode. Colors will look a little different on your phone between the two, so test out photos with it on, then with it off, to see what really works best for you.

New devices are fun but can take some time to learn. Instead of stressing, try customizing your phone to best fit what you want. Have an incredible photo from your Pixel? Show us!

Photo credit: Vox

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