Nuclear Power Might Be Our Best Bet Against Climate Change

Nuclear Power Might Be Our Best Bet Against Climate Change

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Nuclear Power Might Be Our Best Bet Against Climate Change

Climate change is something that has come under the attention of almost everybody in the world but there is very little effort being put into reversing its effects. The people most affected by the rising temperatures of the planet and the natural disasters that accompany it are the youth; the upcoming generations. These individuals have the least power in strategy making and taking big steps towards a better future but they have the loudest voices. Students all over the world took to the roads last month in an attempt to raise their voice and spread awareness about the pressing issue of animals going extinct, energy resources running out and the ice sheets melting like popsicles on a beach.

The major cause of climate change, as globally identified, is the carbon emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels like gas and coal for an energy source. To counter this, the world is slowly making the shift towards renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. These methods are getting cheaper to use but require initial investments and wind energy, especially, requires a large area of land to be occupied with wind turbines so that they can contract the wind to turn and generate electricity.

What many people have managed to effectively ignore over the years is the effectiveness of nuclear energy as a source of power. Nuclear power plants do not generate any emissions that can potentially harm the environment and thus they can be a reasonable replacement to the burning of fossil fuels. The only counter-argument to using nuclear energy is that it generates radioactive waste which is a very risky bundle of matter that should not be taken lightly. How the world is countering that is major countries like China have already found ways to dispose of nuclear waste in deep-dug ditches and even underwater. Through these ways, we can hope to minimize the harmful effects of any sort of radioactive leak that might result from nuclear waste disposal.

Nuclear Power Might Be Our Best Bet Against Climate Change

While many anti-nuclear power activists argue that nuclear power is dangerous and should not be used due to the risk factor associated with it, I believe that neglecting such a useful source of power just because somewhere down the road possibly thousands of years later something MIGHT happen is foolish. Compared to the effects that the burning of fossil fuels is having on the climate today, it is a smarter move to shift to nuclear power so that our planet can have a chance to survive. As far as nuclear waste is concerned, it is so minute in its existence that it can be effectively disposed of. Moreover, nuclear power plants are already established throughout the world in different countries and the amount of power they can generate is so much greater than what newly set up solar or wind plants can provide.

As far as the accidents relating to nuclear plants in history are concerned, yes I agree that they are disasters but accidents happen in every industry and that does not stop people from still continuing production, rather it leads to further development of better safety practices and makes the whole process more resilient and more efficient. Therefore, nuclear power is one of our greatest defense mechanisms against climate change.

Here are two videos from Kurzgesagt, one for one against nuclear energy. Watch and decide for yourselves.

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