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There’s a reason why “As Seen on TV” products are so successful. We are suckers for novelty and things that promise to make our lives easier or better. So why does it feel like most of these items end up in the bottom of a drawer after a few weeks, never to see the light of day again?

Not all gadgets are created equal, especially in the technology realm. If you’re on the market for some tech tools that you can actually get some real use out of, try one of these on for size.

1. Tile

Tile is a life-saver for forgetful people. There are a ton of products on the market that can help you find your keys, but Tile lets you attach its tiny, unintrusive trackers to just about anything. Find your keys, find your phone, your wallet and just about everything else.

2. Leef iBridge

It’s a USB drive that plugs into your iPhone’s charging port and gives you an additional 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage. If you get constant “Storage Full” alerts when you try to take a new picture or video on your phone, this is for you (and it’s a lot cheaper than upgrading to a phone with more storage space that is preloaded with several gigs worth of bloatware). Here’s the catch — it’s only available for iOS.

3. Spire

For anxiety sufferers, this gadget gives you gentle reminders for when it’s time to take a breather — literally. It’s similar to a FitBit, but instead of tracking your steps or how many flights of stairs you climb, Spire tracks your breathing patterns so that you can refocus to keep your tension in check.

4. Automatic

Are you an efficient driver? How much do you really know about cars? Automatic is a diagnostics adapter for your car that connects to your phone with an app. Plug it into your car’s diagnostic port and you can get suggestions for everything from how to get more miles per gallon, to diagnosing engine problems. It even lets you call for help if you are in an accident.

5. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to print out a selfie? This tiny Bluetooth printer lets you print out any picture from your phone onto 2-inch x 3-inch stickable sheets. For anyone who likes to keep physical snapshots instead of purely digital ones, the Sprocket is perfect. Scrapbookers, this may even make your hobby a little easier!

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