Best fitness wearables: Kit to get you fit or just pricey dust collectors?

Tracking your activity can help improve your fitness. That’s why the latest health craze is all about fitness trackers. These measure daily steps taken, calories burned, sleep and in some cases even heart rate.

Fitness trackers are usually wrist worn devices with motion sensors built-in which are able to detect movement. Most now come with a smartphone app so you can see all your activity and track how you’re doing to help plan for future improvements. Yup, these are a bit like a personal trainer that goes with your everywhere to keep you on track — only without shouting at you.

The downside? Of course tracking activity is one thing, but responding to the guilt of not moving enough is another thing entirely. These trackers aren’t going to magically get you into shape. What they do offer is enough clarity on how you’re doing to take away old excuses about having done enough. So, essentially, they use guilt to help motivate you to health. Whatever works, right?

Here are some of the best you can buy right now.

The all-rounder: Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit is a big name in activity tracking as it’s one of the oldest. The Alta HR is a top new band as it’s affordable at $150, looks good, is small and does most of what a beginner would need.

The Alta HR tracks steps and calories but also sleep to help improve there too, plus heart rate tracking makes it ideal for exercise. It’s waterproof, has an LED display not only for activity but for a connected smartphone’s notifications, plus it’ll go all week before needing a charge.

The affordable: Jawbone UP2

Jawbone is not only about making attractive fitness trackers but focuses a lot on sleep. The UP2 is a super affordable tracker for what it offers. You get accurate step counting in the day but light, deep and REM sleep tracking during the night. The app is even smart enough to offer bespoke tips on getting better sleep based on your measurements. All that and it’s only $24.

The fat and muscle tracker: TomTom Touch

TomTom has entered the wearable world with a bang. Now the company’s Touch tracker is making a big impression too thanks to a unique measurement. The Touch is able to measure body composition, between fat and muscle content. That means not only will it track fitness through step counting but will actually show real body results in muscle gain and fat loss. Motivating stuff for that $130 price.

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