Brace yourselves, the RompHims are coming to Summer '17

Brace yourselves, the RompHims are coming to Summer '17

Off The Cuff ⌛ 2 years ago

On May 15th 4 college students launched a Kickstarter to crowdfund MALE ROMPERS. Don't laugh because 24 later it's already raised over $88,000+and counting.

I sincerely hoped this was some elaborate joke made to distract us from the world burning (cough, politics); but no. This is a real thing.

Can't believe we kicked on day 1! Appreciate the love from everyone as we get #romphimseason going.

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I mean, I guess I get why it might be intriguing.

As a woman, I love a great sundress. It’s an easy, no fuss one article piece of clothing that leaves you looking put together without much effort. 

Kids in onesies give me my complete life! The adorable factor instantly increases.

My initial visceral reaction was that no one wants to see a MAN in a ONESIE. But, then I am literally watching this Kickstarter climb and remember this is the age of Man Buns and I quickly realize that there is something to this whole 'Old Millenial' thing because I will yell GET OFF MY LAWN to any man who wears one in my presence.

Apparently, we are in the minority.

The Twitterverse reaction has been swift. And if I must bear witness to men in rompers, then I should be able to cackle my way through it, amirite?

This might be my all time favorite, though. The accuracy!

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