Serena's having a baby...and the sports world is still crazy

Can't a woman procreate without the world blowing its collective mind? Not if you're Ms. Serena Williams, the globally-acknowledged Greatest-Of-All-Time (that's ? G.O.A.T. ? to you, young missy!) in the sports' world!  And because she's Serena, she can't just be having a baby, nope, no way.  This baby made its appearance in time to accompany mama through her spectacular victory in claiming her 23rd Grand Slam Championship in January.

Serena likes to tease her millions of followers on social media, especially since we've been missing her on the tennis courts for the past two months (she pulled out of California's Indian Wells major tournament and Miami's with a knee injury from last year, but perhaps that was a bit of subterfuge???), so what does our power girl do?

She blasts us with a sexy shot of herself in a bikini on Snapchat...and leaves it up for 20 minutes...corresponding to her 20 weeks of pregnancy? Who knows, but she's clever, so maybe it meant to do something other than set of a veritable tsunami of well wishes, as well as stupid man-jokes/commentary.

Who had the best to offer?

Some nice player, media and fan coverage...

Longtime good friends!

Media, players and fans alike wish her well!

Some have self-deprecating humor!

And then there are the crabs that just make you want to drag out your troll-branded flame thrower and set it to incinerate...

The overall sentiment is congratulatory, with a twinge of bitterness and sour grapes from the usual crowd...and not a peep from those who are super grateful Ms. Serena will be missing the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open this year...but they'd better not get too comfortable because she's already stressed to her publicist that she's coming back in 2018, so players get ready! Hmm, Maria Sharapova, was she talking to you?

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