Shia LaBeouf portrays ? tennis's biggest brat

What, #tennis fans?  You didn't think there was a Biggest Brat Award? C'mon now! Of course there is. ?

Rolling around there at the ? top as an All-Time Favorite, is #JohnMcEnroe, and he's the subject of a new film coming out soon!

And who is playing Mr. Bratty Brat, himself? Why none other than a well known Hollywood actor, who could also be called up on bratty charges... Enter stage left: #ShiaLaBeouf, who's been known to scream a bit and throw a few #tantrums himself.


He's rocking the curly perm (OMG, is that really a look we want to re-visit???), and guess what folks, those short shorts are coming back (at least in film) too.  Now, I suppose we can stand the #headband for a movie, as I recall #BjornBorg rocked that headband...

And yes, he does have the 225crazy-eyes226, John! Check out the #movie if you're a #tennisfan, into #sports, or love real-life #drama and history!

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