The Glue Shoe

Check out the #F2Freestylers to learn the Glue Shoe trick, or softly trapping the ball and and controlling it between your boot and shin. This could be a helpful trap in a game, or just another way to show off with your mates on the pitch.

The technique, as broken down by the guys consists of essentially 3 parts:

1. Bring your foot up to meet the ball, the higher you meet the ball the more energy you will absorb as the ball hits your foot.

2. make contact with the center of the ball, right at the top of your shoe on the laces.

3. Bring your leg down with the ball on your laces at the same speed the ball is traveling, flex your toes up to cushion the ball between your foot and shin.

--Check out the full video below, make sure to admire #DiegoCosta and his brilliant touch while training with #Bayern #Munich--

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