Tim Tebow coverage is taking away the beauty of Minor League Baseball

I had just finished an interview with a minor league pitcher who had told me he got a job for a month during the offseason. He was unbelievably excited about it and I left the interview with a smile on my face.

Fast forward a month later and I’m sitting in the press box watching him play as the public relations staff beamed over the 25-year-old. They said he was easily one of their favorite guys on the team. This was moments before the Reno Aces completed a game in walk-off fashion following a game that was worth spending ticket money and an overpriced beer or two.

That’s the real Minor League Baseball.

This has been shadowed by the big presence of former Heisman Award winner Tim Tebow who was signed by the New York Mets organization during the offseason. Since then, every time he breathes, it’s written about.

I understand it’s a bit ironic the fact that I’m writing this article following a statement of his coverage being too much, but this is coming from an individual who witnesses baseball on a daily basis. And sees the behind-the-scenes action that takes place in the minor-league system.

Tebow is currently slashing a .310/.382/.691 line with the High-A Columbia Fireflies with two home runs and 18 hits. That’s fair and shouldn’t be taken away from him, but there are a lot of other happenings around baseball.

This scenario started out as a publicity stunt that seemed to work itself out across the board and I appreciate the revenue that is going into the sport and is supporting these young athletes, but it still paints a difficult picture. Especially when you are the recipient of phone calls and messages from players who didn’t get their shot and was taken away from Tebow within a blink of an eye.

The dust has settled on the situation and a lot of athletes have mentioned they have a lot of respect for the 29-year-old, but there will always be something looming and an elephant in the room when he steps into the batter’s box. 

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