Does the last regret work?


  Leonard and Dark Wolf are friends.They became friends when Leonard was at the age of four.Leonard and his family had a picnic in a forest. In this forest,there was Wolf's house.Daniel and Sonia were here.This house called Leonard's attention.They met and he told something to Wolf about his cousins.Wolf was suspicous and it guessed they are the twins.So,Leonard learned they are his cousins. Wolf told everything to Leonard,but he didn't tell anything to his family.

  Also,Kimberly was Leonard's classmate in high school. Before times,they were close friends,but after an incident,they became estranged each other.She was a liar.Kimberly could change into different existence.He saw it.So,he thought she is not a normal person and this is so dangerous.If she is a liar,she could use this power for bad things.Even so,he said nothing to others.

  One night,Kimberly's sister got lost in a forest.She and her family looked for everywhere,but they couldn't find her. Everybody went to different places to find Kimberly's sister. Kimberly saw a secret house while she was looking for her sister.

There was a wolf in front of a tree. It was eating food. She got frightened.First,she wanted to run away,but she couldn't go. She couldn't move and just cried because her opinion was that it ate her sister.She didn't know where she is now. If she goes,she would be thoughtful and feel guilty. She wanted to take revenge from Wolf.Even,there was no proof as the Wolf ate her sister.

  Actually,she thought Dark Wolf is very strong.She was frightened,but angry,too.Then,she planned something because she could not wait to take revenge.Her plan was dangerous. That's why,she should have been careful.After that, she went to next to her family and said nothing. Her mother was very sad and her father,too.She was getting more angry when saw them.

  Of course,they informed Police Office.They looked for Kimberly's sister during a week,but couldn't find.Maybe,they would search more,but Kimberly's family despaired.So,her family were very sad.No longer,she wanted to kill the wolf and it's friends.She hurt deeply.

Vengeance Time... 

Although Daniel met Kimberly,he rarely met her again because he never liked this girl.He couldn't trust as in the early times.On the contrary,Sonia was meeting and she didn't like Daaniel's behaviours.Apart from these,Kimberly was calling Sonia all the nights.

One night,Kimberly called Sonia again.She said that Sonia should come , that was urgent. Daniel was sleeping and Sonia went speedy.She arrived to Kimberly in a cellar.

Does the last regret work?

Unfortunately,she saw Leonard there.

-Oh. Welcome dear Sonia.

-Who is that,Kimberly?


Kimberly would tell everything to Sonia,but Leonard didn't want it because when the twins learned,they could be offended.So,it doesn't want to lose them. Leonard:

-I am Kimberly's old friend,John. Nice to meet you.
-But I suppose I saw you before.
Then,Leonard got excited.
-What?I didin't see you.I think you saw another boy.
-Ooh.Excuse me!Nowadays,I'm confused.
-OK.No problem.
Leonard didn't know what to do. He looked Kimberly,but Kimberly laughed and she approached to Sonia slowly. Leonard followed her,but Kimberly realised that and kicked to his left leg. Then,she went to next to Sonia. She caught Sonia's hair and pulled.
Suddenly Daniel came there,but Kimberly didn't liberate her.Daniel:
-I claim that you cannot kill Sonia because everyone knows you're clumsy.
After that, he laughed and said:
-Be careful.Don't kill yourself.
-Ha ha...You're very funny Daniel.I like you.
Daniel didn't get frightened because he was a brave boy.Also,he recognized Kimberly in a short time and he knew she was a girl who is very coward,in fact.
Leonard left from there when saw Daniel. He hided.At that time,he was watching them. Daniel kept Kimberly's wrist and turn it.She fell on the floor. They couldn't move. Actually,Kimberly wanted kill Sonia first.Then,it would be Daniel's turn,but now she wants to kill them together because she got angry to Daniel.
Finally,she stuck with sticky tape their mouths. So,they need help.Unfortunately,while a couple of hours nobody came.

Does the last regret work?