Year was 2002.While Sonia was playing ball, she saw her mother in the door. Check - out that the output. Her mother of a more back did not so Sonia for days cried .She had only her twin. Over the years have passed. Year was 2016. Sonia grew up . she was 18. Daniel was always with sonia .Actually they have father but their father doesn't take care with them.


Sonia was preparing for her first university day. Daniel entered the room. Sonia turned back of returned. Daniel told ' ovv, Sonia , you look like very nice' then Sonia smiled. The door knocked and Andrew came .

Andrew was Daniel and Sonia' s best friend. He had got orenge hair and Brown eyes and he was mind reader and friendly. He also had got freckles.

All together went to school. Their school name was mystery universty . There were inputs first lesson. First lesson was guidance. Teacher gave homework. Teacher told ' you will tell yourself tomorrow' . The frist lesson was very boring. Daniel went out. Daniel saw Leonardo at the caridor.

Leonardo was Daniel and Sonia' cousin . He was bad boy. He was twenty years old. He had got curly black hair and hazel eyes. He was tall and fit. He had muscular. His darling was Kimberly.


kimberly was nineteen years old. She had got ginger hair and Brown eyes. She was short and slim. She was very rich. So she was spoiled. She was bad girl too.

Daniel didn't like his cousin. Because Leonard behaved bad to Daniel and Sonia .When Sonia came to home she started writing. Her movie trailer for exactly what follows;

Hello . I'm Sonia . I'm eighteen years old.I'm from America . I have got long  Brown hair and green  eyes. I am medium height. . I'm stubborn and crious. But I never breaking heart. but my heart is broken. Because I haven't got mother. I have got father. But I fell I haven't got father . I only have got a twin . his name is Daniel. I love him so much. Because he is my everything. Sonia wrote like this.


Then she went to next to the Daniel . Daniel wrote article. He read article for Sonia. He wrote ;

Hello I'm Daniel. I'm eighteen years old. I'm from America. I have got dark Brown hair and dark blue eyes.I'm tall and slim. I'm kind. I am also helpfull. The people told' you are clever'. I haven't got mother. I have got twin. she likes my mother. I love her so much. My best friend is Andrew .I have got wolf. Its name is 'Dark' . Its very skillful. ıt has got incredible feature. So I like it. like this '


when he saw Sonia crying,He hugged her. ıt is evening, at all times went to he ground going to. They sit under the stars. They opened their favorite music. From the sky registration a star . Both kept wish. Sonia told ;I want to my twin be with me until the end of my life .

Daniel told ;I want to my twin be with me until the end of my life. Also I want to my mother coming back.

Daniel missed his mother . But he did not tell to Sonia . Because Sonia was hate her mother .Their mother's name was Liliya . Liliya was 42 years old. Liliya had got yellow hair and violet eyes. She miss their daughter and son. But their across from exit afraid.

Daniel and Sonia that night home now they returned . Next day Sonia went to school.while sonia was falling one women kept her. Sonia looked woman. woman told ' you should be careful ' . Then woman disappeared.

The woman name was Morgana Myrtle . She was 43 years old she had got long purple curly hair and blue eyes .she was tall and slim. she was witch and sorceress. she was also very aggressive she want to conguer to the World.


But Sonia and Daniel didn't know to them . Sonia told ones to Daniel . Daniel suspected a little bit. . Sonia returned with tresha the school output. Sonia saw Leo . Leo input a cull-de-Street . Sonia suspected that just called Daniel. Daniel came . The Street per came . sonia saw woman who is she saw before that.this womentalked with leo . Daniel heard thoroughly suspected . Morgana Myrtle with leonard in one thing is understood. But let's looked at that can they understand this woman is leo's mother ? the story was starting now.