Unexpected Meeting


I saw my friends when I was going to next to the woman who has got purple hair and wolf. Fortunately , they didn’t see me , I hope to this at least . Sonia was running toward me when I was running as immediate as possible to next to my friends . Sonia was very worried as I understand it. I understood that it was like that because her brother so I was going to somewhere and she didn’t know where I went also someone was coming to next to them . Of course, she would worried eventually I was not with you when it all happened. Finally we came together and we went next to our other friends as immediate as possible to unknown people mustn’t saw us . we immediately started to talk together about what I did when Sonia and I went to there . They started to ask a lot of questions to me . I told what happened to me . All of them listened to me carefully when they looked to woman that has got purple hair . They were very surprised what happened. While we were wondering what were wolf and woman doing at there? What were they talking together ? and What were they thinking about? There was only one way to learn answer of all of this questions. If we wanted to learn these, we should went to there . Finally we decided , we went next to them. I and Andrew were going next to them meanwhile Leo was keeping an eye on to Sonia and Kimberly . I was sure ,Sonia was very worried at that moment .

In Sonia's own words

Why did I let them to go next to woman and wolf? I don't understand . I was very curious to them at that moment . I said to Leo ‘ We should follow to them, they may be in danger . ’ Leo just shaked his head while he looked to Andrew and Daniel . It was enough to I was be nervous. We were just watching them , we were doing nothing expect that .

In Daniel’s own words

Andrew and I were going next to them while wolf saw us . The wolf was look like very surprised and nervous . At the same time I felt like we should not be there. The wolf was very strange/odd looking us ,that was enough to I felt like this .They were very vehement talking together at that time so at that time I learned from their conversation that woman's who had purple hair name was Morgana. I heard the other thing while they was talking and it was caused by my amazement that I had never been in my life . I was petrified at that time . Sonia mustn’t heard to this , if she hears it ,she would be very happy or very sad but I was sure ,she would be surprised so much . I was not still believe it , how the wolf would be our mother ? This was impossible ,at that rate Morgana should was wizard and thanks to that she transformed our mother to other form ,she made our mother a wolf ,THİS WAS IMPOSSIBLE. But if it was not so, how the wolf was talking? I was very confused, my mind was not able to perceive it . I felt a silence while I was thinking to these. Then I understand , Morgana noticed the truth to us .She was looking very nervous maybe she got angry to us to we listened to them .Than she suddenly disappeared while I was thinking to these . What was happening there? Okay , I understood , definitely the woman was wizard at that rate the wolf would be our mom . I understood everything at that time . After all these times . It felt good to meet my mother despite she looked like a wolf .Maybe this was false but I went and I hugged to the wolf who my mom. The only thing in my mind ‘How we to get she back to the old look’ at that moment.

In Sonia’s own words

We can’t stop being surprised when we saw all of these events. What was happening there? Was it true that I saw ? Leo could not stop me after I saw . I run next to them. They followed me.. I started to cry when Daniel finished to his telling . I was thinking like him ,’ we have to get she back to the old looking. ‘ I miss so much my mother during so many years . We had need to morgana’s help to got my mom back to the old looking . I didn’t know any other alternative.

In Leo’s own words

I didn’t still believe in my eyes. I didn’t think , Morgana would turn back to this situation but by hook or crook we should turned back to my friends’ mother . I know, maybe first I wanted to their evil but I couldn’t do this to them . I shouldn’t wait without doing nothing when I knew how got she back to the old looking . Suddenly I said “heyy, guys I know how got she back to the old looking.” Everybody ,especially Sonia surprised and looked at me when I said this . As if everybody's life depended a sentence of come out from my mouth . I had not let anyone wait longer and I said “ Just Bleke can get she back to the old looking at the moment. ”

Unexpected Meeting

In the Daniel’s own words

I think , this was best sentence that I heard until I heard of all “ But he just can do two things what we want from him”. Actually this was a wonderful thing , I said ”firstly we should want to get she back to the old looking and than we can want to turn our home back , this is wonderful but how we will find him? He said “I don’t know , but Kimberly know this. ” suddenly we looked to her .Firstly Kimberly was surprised but than I thought she could say the fact for herself. This was enough for she to call him . Suddenly she called him . when we saw him ,we were as surprised as happy .But than when we realised what happen suddenly Sonia and I wanted to get she back to the old looking .I didn’t know, how wise man made it but I wasn’t interested in this . The woman who standing in front of me was so beautiful as I didn’t believe my eyes. We went and then suddenly hugged to her even though we were angry but we missed her so much. Eventually we wanted turn back our home . At the end Kimberly rescued us from falling down plus provided us to meet our mother. Maybe she didn’t realise it but it was a wonderful thing she did for us.. What happened after we turn back home.. As in every story..happy ending with all our lover .

Unexpected Meeting