Things That We Find Annoying In The Nightclubs  

Things That We Find Annoying In The Nightclubs  

Partying is the coolest way to let ourselves loose and enjoy our weekends. Achieving the targets at work can be stressful at times and your mind and heart need a break from it. Going to a nightclub can give you the required break which you are seeking plus it is a great way to stay in touch with friends or even meet new people and make friends. You can even hit the club on a weekday if you really feel the need of going to one. It totally depends on your mood and schedule.

Although there is no dearth of good nightclubs in India where the crowd and ambience is perfect, sometimes we still have to encounter some annoying things which we wish we never had to experience.

When you have to see people throwing up all over the place

Seriously, why do people drink if they cannot handle it? This is the remark made by everybody who feels awful looking at such sights of people throwing up in nightclubs after they cannot handle alcohol. Entering the nightclub with so much excitement and then watching this actually spoils one’s mood.

Drunk guys fighting and showing savage behaviour

You are having a good time with your friends and chilling and then you hear the noise of some drunkards fighting with each other in the most savage way. This obviously doesn’t show any level of sophistication and shifts the attention of the party to the negative things happening. Why would anybody want to do that? Keeping your ego aside has become the most difficult thing for some people.

Desperate guys who try hard to hit on girls

I am sure every girl must have experienced this once and most of the girls must have experienced this multiple times. It is not like girls don’t like boys who approach them but there needs to be a decent way for doing that. Following the girl all over the place and harassing her is not the right way. Never!

Too much of PDA here and there

Well, such couples who make the couch their bed and just start making out there and then need to get a room. We know the lights are dim, and they are feeling all romantic but still there is a limit for doing things like these in public. And we are not talking about kissing here. Little kisses of love doesn’t bother anyone. We are actually annoyed when people just start savouring each other like anything! 

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