How to fit in when you move to a new city

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There are many aspects to being an adult that aren’t fun — moving to a new city being one of them, at least in the beginning. Starting over with a new job, new apartment, new friends, new everything, takes time adjusting. Your chance to get inside the insider’s circle, sans unreliable networking events, is right here.

While new adventures are definitely exciting, the unknown is always a little scary. Here are four unconventional ways of getting yourself out and about on the new town.

Pick up a local magazine

Local magazines, whether you’re in a huge metropolis or small country town, are goldmines for finding out what’s hot and what’s not in the area. From trendy restaurants and upcoming concerts to public figure highlights and community events, magazines are so amazing because they contain information that you would never have found on Google or Yelp. Don’t see a newsstand around? Go to Starbucks and ask the barista where to pick up copies.

Knock on your neighbor’s door

I mean this literally. Grab a bottle of wine and head over to your next door neighbor’s house telling them you’re new in the area and wanted to offer a “I’m your new and polite neighbor” gift. People don’t do things like this anymore. A small welcoming gesture like this one will make you realize getting out and meeting new people is fun, not nerve-wracking.

Go to church

Even if you aren’t a “church goer,” people part of a parish or synagogue love seeing new faces around, and it’s a great opportunity to meet people. It’s board directors’ jobs to help people get involved in the community, church or otherwise, and they love doing it. Find out when the local fish fry or coffee and doughnut meetup is, and attend.

Join an organized group

Every city has options to appease anyone’s hobbies and interests. Cooking classes, wine tastings, softball leagues, nonprofit associations, fitness groups, the list goes on. Even if participating in a sports league or volunteering to paint houses typically isn’t your kryptonite, do it anyway. It’s a fun way to get involved with something new, and chances are a lot of people already a part of it are trying it for the first time, too. 

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