Interpretations in the Parlor

Everyone has their own visions, interpretations. Here are some of mine. Some will be obvious, others not so much. #Experience #sight #intuition

Moving out of the house. Feelings of confinement. The comfort of numbness and beauty.

A visitation, a revelation, prayer. Angelic presence. The other person in the romance is also getting a vistation but of a completly different kind. Recognition, subtlty, extra curricular, hidden meetings, secrecy, affair. 

New job offer, challenge, intellectual games - university? The answer is coming. Flight of angels. 

There is not a lot of information available on coffee grounds reading, mostly on tea reading. 

84I should like to point out that certain figures and symbols are of so frequent occurrence that it may be well to emphasize their general significance by referring to them here

97Before very many years have passed the language of symbolism by cards

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