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Is learning everything
seemingly #minuscule
all over again. It’s struggling to
behave properly, think rationally, 
#navigate your way through
solving the smallest of problems.
You must even yield 
a more fighting effort to what 
you once found so #trifling 
and trivial, #walking,
#reading, #writing, #talking. It’s explaining yourself
over and over again,
gathering legal documents,
without true comprehension, 
seeing around ten #doctors in
a single week, as they 
ask you over and over
again to recite the accident,
when the details only fluster
you and your throbbing head,
chipping away at any #recollection. It’s confusion, #hollowness,
a glass vase of #loneliness,
receiving abrasive messages
from the people you thought
would be concerned about you. It’s being told “one day at a time,”
when each #day feels like a #lifetime

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