According To California Judge, Trump Does Not Have Equal Powers Obama Had


Trump is right: the judiciary is broken and a threat to national security.

According To California Judge, Trump Does Not Have Equal Powers Obama Had

Yesterday in California a federal judge blocked President Donald Trump from rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That’s not only wildly unprecedented, it might be criminal. In effect, Trump is being denied the same powers of his predecessor. There are no legal grounds for this to stand.

But the legal absurdity of the ruling is only the symptom of something far worse: an activist rot within the judiciary itself. By attempting to arbitrarily rescind the powers of a President for no legal reason, the federal judge has knowingly overreached his federal authority and should resign. If law means anything, it must be equally applied — for both the President and this federal judge. Trump possesses the same power to remove DACA that Obama possessed to create it.

This rogue judge will not save the DREAMERs. Immigration is a federal matter because it concerns national security. If it were a power left to activist judges, Democrats would never lose another election because they’d import all their votes. The power to arbitrate entrance into the United States is legally a matter for the President and the US military, not a man in California. There may be an upside to this wild activism — it may force SCOTUS settle the matter of the President’s executive powers on immigration once and for all.