59 Dead In Clashes In Gaza As US Embassy Opens

59 Dead In Clashes In Gaza As US Embassy Opens

Author James Kirk
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Repots say 59 Palestinians in Gaza have been shot dead by Israeli troops after bloody clashes erupted on the border, Palestinian officials say, according to reports by CNN and the BBC.

The violence comes before the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, a decision that has infuriated Palestinians.

They see it as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, whose eastern part Palestinians lay claim to.

Top US officials, including President Donald Trump's daughter and her husband, will attend the event.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 1,600 had suffered injuries, and that many of the dead had not yet been identified. CNN journalists near the Gaza-Israel border heard gunfire in spurts and saw a tank moving towards the fence in the border area of Malaka. Israeli drones also dropped tear gas over a crowd of protesters.

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Palestinians have held weekly protests there in the run-up to their annual commemoration of what they call the Nakba or Catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands of their people fled their homes or were displaced following the foundation of the Israeli state on 14 May, 1948.

Image credit: AP and CNN

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