Baby Daughter Of Top Skier Drowns

Baby Daughter Of Top Skier Drowns

Author James Kirk
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The 19-month-old daughter of former US Olympic skier Bode Miller has died after falling into a swimming pool.

Emmy Miller was found unconscious at a neighbour's home in Orange County, southern California, and doctors were unable to revive her, according to the BBC and CNN.

Carrie Braun, Orange County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, told CNN the girl's official cause and manner of death are not being released until the investigation has concluded.

Miller posted a photo of his daughter to his Instagram account.

75We are beyond devastated

Miller is the most successful skier in US history, with six Olympic medals including gold at the 2010 Games.

The 40-year-old and his wife Morgan, a professional beach volleyball player, were at a party on Saturday night when the incident happened.

Their daughter somehow got away and was found in the pool by Miller, who jumped in and tried to resuscitate her, local authorities told ABC.

Image credit: Instagram

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