China Angry Over U.S. Sanctions On Military Purchase

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27are not intended to undermine the military capabilities or combat readiness of any country

China recently purchased 10 Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets and S-400 missiles.

Beijing has not endorsed the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the US and its Western allies since 2014.

The sanctions were applied under a law that requires the US to put restrictions on anyone undertaking significant transactions with certain people affiliated with Russian intelligence and military services, including arms manufacturers. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also expanded that blacklist on Thursday, adding the names of 33 Russians to bring the total to 72 people.

Pompeo, in consultation with Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, imposed sanctions on the Chinese military's Equipment Development Department and its director, Li Shangfu, for buying Su-35 fighter aircraft and a S-400 surface-to-air missile system from Russia.

Image credit: Reuters

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