Hundreds Injured At Spain Music Festival

Hundreds Injured At Spain Music Festival

More than 300 people were injured after a wooden platform collapsed at a music festival in Spain late Sunday night, according to the local police and a spokesperson for Xunta Galicia's health department.

The festival had been packed with people watching a rap artist at the two-day O Marisquiño event in the north-west city of Vigo, in Galicia, report CNN and the BBC.

Police confirmed that there were no known fatalities.

Dozens of people were trapped or fell into the sea after the platform, which was part of the existing harbor structure, collapsed.

In a statement Monday, the organizers of the festival said that they "deeply regret the accident" and that the area in question has been sealed off to allow experts to determine the cause of the collapse.

It added that the O Marisquiño concerts "met the security conditions required by legislation" and that organizers were available to speak with authorities as needed.

Soon after the incident, pictures of the caved-in walkway began appearing on social media.

Several emergency teams attended to the injured, and divers were sent into the sea to check that no-one was trapped beneath the structure.