J.K. Rowling Opens Up About Her Secret Name

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J.K. Rowling has disclosed how her pseudonym got busted. She said she once suspected the BBC of leaking the information that she was writing crime novels under the alias Robert Galbraith.

16I thought it had probably leaked from the BBC

Rowling's identity actually came out in the open after a partner at a law firm gave away the secret to his wife's best friend.

The friend then leaked Rowling's secret to a Sunday Times journalist.

39I was a bit unlucky the way it happened

47My ambition was to try and get three 5 out without being unmasked.48

Rowling said she had a hunch that BBC had a role in betraying her secret after her publisher was asked about adapting the first Robert Galbraith crime novel for television.

62The BBC actually approached Robert without knowing it was me

70I had this bizarre meeting with my agent and my editor

81a bit of a shock82

89When it leaked initially

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