Judge Throws Out Ashley Judd’s Sexual Misconduct Case

Judge Throws Out Ashley Judd’s Sexual Misconduct Case

James Kirk 1 week ago

A sexual harassment case brought by actress Ashley Judd against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been thrown out by a court in California.

But the judge said she could still pursue a defamation claim that Weinstein sabotaged her career, according to the BBC.

Weinstein has been accused by more than 75 women of sexual misconduct going back decades – allegations he denies.

He has been charged with five counts of sexual abuse, including rape.

The disgraced producer – who denies the charges, which were brought by two women – will stand trial in New York later this year.

Ashley Judd was one of Weinstein's original accusers. Her sexual harassment lawsuit was re-filed after a change in California state law in the wake of the rejection of her initial claim by Judge Gutierrez in a Los Angeles federal court last September.

She alleges he tried to wreck her career after she rejected unwanted advances from him.

But in a statement late on Wednesday, Judge Gutierrez said the law that deals with sexual misconduct claims in professional relationships, which include directors and producers, could not be applied retrospectively to Judd's case.

However, Judd's claim that the Oscar-winning producer "blackballed" her after she refused his advances would still be heard, Judge Gutierrez said.

That part of her lawsuit states that "Weinstein used his power in the entertainment industry to damage Ms. Judd's reputation and limit her ability to find work."

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