Sitting In A Chair: Comforting, But At What Cost?

Sitting In A Chair: Comforting, But At What Cost?

James Kirk 2 months ago

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Now they are ubiquitous. They abound in doctors' offices, restaurants, pubs, cars, trains, cafes, schools, and in our houses.

34Surely chairs should be one of the universal signals that mark the arrival of our current geological epochwonders Cregan-Reid.

56the lust for comfort.57in a culture where ease and comfort are among the strongest drivers of consumer decision-making.58

The comfort that chair offers is sedentary. If modern life presents us with sedentary comforts as essential, then chair takes the cake. We find life without a chair unimaginable. Research by the British Heart Foundation suggests we spend 9.5 hours a day in sendendary behavior. That means modern humans are inactive 75 percent of the time.

This is an unhealthy lifestyle. Backpain is one of the most common outcomes of sitting in a chair – back pain is now the number one cause of disability, globally. Also, certain other chronic diseases can be traced to sedentary habits.

79Modern humans

87passionate love affair with the chair

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