Talks With North Korea: What Is 'denuclearization'?

Talks With North Korea: What Is 'denuclearization'?

Author James Kirk
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When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his South Korea counterpart, Moon Jae-in, meet next Friday, the most important topic on the agenda is the one on which there has been least clarity: denuclearization.

The term has been bandied about in recent weeks, from Seoul to Washington to Beijing, yet there's little agreement on what the term means -- and confusion could lead to trouble in this week's summit as well as the planned meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kim, reports CNN.

South Korean officials and Chinese state media have said Kim is willing to discuss denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

On Thursday, President Moon announced North Korea had not raised its long-running demand for the withdrawal of US forces in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons -- an apparent concession that analysts greeted with skepticism.

61North Korea has been saying all the right things ... they want this summit to occur and they're doing what it takes to make it happen

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