Naughty On-Court Coaching

It used to be that no players could receive on court coaching; no yelled encouragement or instructions from the stands and no visits between sets with strategic insight and advice. The #WTA allows players to call their coaches out once a set, but it's still a big no-no to try to coach from the stands.

How big of a deal is it? #Djokovic says he and #Becker are simply communicating.


Either one doesn't sound very intrusive as a level of coaching. But in a coaching-restrictive sport, there is no chitchat AT ALL..

Consider the game: you have two individuals pitted against each other on the grass, clay or hard court and the outcome is determined by their talent and skill during the match. Whatever they produce that day(s) and time determines the winner. That's why I watch tennis. I want to see them dig deep, if they're behind, figure out what's wrong and fix it on their own. When you're playing or watching you can see what needs fixing, if your coach teaches you to think for yourself. And why wouldn't your coach teach you the skills and then train you to know your habits and weakness like you know your strengths? Or are they not that good a coach?Is the conversation now open?

But what if your opponent's game is being orchestrated point by point by someone on the sidelines? How is that a game of one-on-one?

And what if the player is innocent yet the coach try's to illegally coach during the match?

Andy Murray's story.

So where were we?

Are we at the place where professional tennis coaches are acting like soccer moms and dads from the sidelines? Or Are we considering brief coaching spells at change overs like boxers who have their trainers and coaches after each round.

And that opens another question...physical trainers, anyone?

30 seconds after each game and no more unless it's a major injury. The tour provides them every match or you can BYO.

Sound good?

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