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In the spring of 2013 I took a documentary narrative class in grad school with #FaithAdiele. I set out to get to know people living on the streets, and the project morphed into in multi-media collection of poems. I saught out to capture the everyday surroundings that people may not take notice of, wheter that be people, messages, images, or anything else that is speaking to them, yet they are too busy to notice. Some of the posts are quotes from the people in the photos, most are my poetry responses to the image/experience. To see the whole collection, visit my full blog: http://facesots.blogspot.com. I am hoping to revisit this project soon, expanding with more stories and poems. 

What do you want people to know

about you?

I want people to know

77God Bless you78

is not for extra change. 

It is uplifting, a fellowship

of the spirit to one


I want people to reach

inside themselves and see

the right thing to do.

You can always win

the battle now,

don't give up.

I want people

to get this message.

--Jonathan, J.R. 

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