1. A big night.

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?

It was an amazing, stellar night, the night of my first big opening in New York. I had done my hair up in a spectacular, crazy fashion, with pom-poms and yarn creating a colorful crown and dressed in my finest, and my friends and plenty of strangers came to admire my work. Afterwards, exhilarated, three friends and I had walked to a nearby French restaurant in the Meatpacking district and dined sumptuously, drinking celebratory champagne served, on the house, by a charming, sweet waiter who congratulated me for what he knew was a very big deal for me. Walking to the 14th street and 8th avenue subway with my friend chatting about shoes, we witnessed a guy hanging out of a car, making a grotesque noise at a lone woman. As we passed her, we asked, “what did he say?” And she shrugged her shoulders and said, “something stupid, no doubt”, and then asked us where the subway was, confessing that she was a bit tipsy and not in her element. We invited her to join us, and relieved, she fell into step, joking and laughing along as we made our way to the A train. 

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