1) Houndmouth - Little Neon Limelight

14Americana15...contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles

The first time I heard Little Neon Limelight by the quartet from New Albany, Indiana, I fell in love. I fell in love with the beautiful harmonies, the grit, the rawness, the feelings it stirred and the brilliance and perfection of its simplicity. And what better correlation to the Americana style that transports you to the humble roots of American music than a band from Smalltown, Indiana?

Little Neon Limelight doesn't try to be anything more than it needs to be. It lacks ostentatiousness and thrives on being true and honest to itself and to the listener. And, most importantly, when you hear it, you're whisked away to a time in when American music was at its rawest, its simplest, and it's most profound.  Little Neon Limelight tells stories, Little Neon Limelight tells of intriguing characters. It's pure Americana.


77Little Hollywood78


Everyone in Houndmouth sings, and they all sing well. But Houndmouth would not be the same without Katie Toupin's voice, which is the closest thing to Patsy Cline we have in the 21st century. Not since the days of Crazy and She's Got You have I heard words sung quite like Katie's.

132Country Music133

Otis  is what country music was and ought to be.

I think if Patsy Cline were alive today, she'd be proud.

15 Years

What happens when you take Johnny Cash-style lyrics, traditional blues bars, and a sound that could easily have been a track on a Buddy Holly album? You get 15 Years. Step into this Delorian and you'll be transported back to the 50s without having to hit 88 miles per hour.

Sedona and Otis are wonderful, brilliant tracks. But when I first heard 15 Years, I was sold. If a band's first three songs could showcase three completely different musical styles all while giving me the same feels,  I knew I'd love whatever was to come on the rest of the album.

For No One

What better person to tell you about this track than the writer himself?

Black Gold

Black Gold tells the tale of a kid of a millionaire oil tycoon with catchy lyrics and fun guitar riffs. And, like most Houndmouth songs, the harmonies sung by the 4 members give the song that little something special.

Honey Slider

A poignant blues track that tells the tale of a man left heart-broken and alone. You have no idea who this man is, but you feel every ounce of his pain. That's what these guys do, they make you feel what they're feeling.

290You swore you291ve come to my favorite track on the album. This witty and fun song tells the tale of a greedy

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