1. The earth grew rich under a blanket of leaves

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?
Collection Deep Planting

“Plant them deep,” I told him, guiding his hands to gently place the bulb in the hole we had dug together. 

The rich dark #earth of that #flower bed had lain dormant for some time. 

The previous owner of the #home had not been a #gardener. The earth had stood under a blanket of leaves accidentally growing rich from its neglect. 

Now, here we were, three year old #boy and thirty three year old woman; both taking delight in the rich loam and clay that blackened our hands. 

Each of us delighted to see #worms. 

He because they were brown and squirmy, myself because it meant life and nutrients and good soil for the bulbs I could not really afford but planted anyway to teach a small boy a lesson in #time and #patience and waiting. 

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