10) First permanently manned Station

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Following the successful – albeit tragic – Salyut space station programme, the development of a replacement space station would soon be undertaken. Plans for the Mir space station would originate in 1976, with the orbital assembly phase following a decade later. In the intervening years, work would be halted in preference of other space missions (such as the Buran programme), until the green light would finally be afforded to what would become one of the defining missions in space exploration.

Assembly began with the Mir Core Module, followed over the next decade by interlinked components such as the Kristall Technology Module and the Docking Module. Of course, the reason for the inclusion of Mir on this list lies in the fact that it would become the first space station to be permanently manned, with international crews occupying the station from 1989-1999, and involving the participation of space crews from around the globe – a truly international undertaking for humanity.

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