Feminine women don't like whiskey because it's mannish

9too hard10This is the manifesto of doom to the whiskey industry that an empowered woman-centric market implies.

Feminine women, the thinking goes, don't like whiskey because it's mannish. They prefer softer fruiter white spirits fare. But feminist empowered women, thus, should love whiskey because they embrace the mannish attributes of being empowered.35lady36

Even this kind of lady will drink this particular whiskey, the ad argues, because it's so soft - the essential feminine attribute. The main point being that she's drinking - that's good because YOU, the reader of the ad (a man) want to get her drunk to take advantage of her sexually.

63Many women don64ve changed all that. We65t get the wrong idea. Soft Whiskey is no softie. It66ed 67 I should just stock up on vodka and gin and fixings for 68.69type70p71contents72type73text74contents75And

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