11) Married four times, born again, she won't grant license to couple of 17 years

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I think people are especially infuriated with her because she's so incredibly imperfect herself. You know, casting stones? Denying others that which she's happily partaken many times so casually?

“I am not perfect,” Davis said. “No one is. But I am forgiven and I love my Lord and must be obedient to Him and the Word of God.”

Her argument wasn't well received by a #gay couple who has been together for 17 years and are trying to get #married in her county.

She keeps turning #couples away.

50#Divorce is a sin that has the effect of ending a marriage. But there is no such thing as a #marriage between people of the same gender. Kim Davis51s not working in a #church. If she wants to moralize or push her #religious #beliefs she ought to work in the proper venue.52type53p54contents55type56text57contents58I support equal rights and I59s way.

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